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The Kami License Agreement (the “License”) is a legally binding contract between you and Ikeru Studios. Acquiring a Kami collectible or also known as an NFT is access to exclusive rights to the token in which you own. You may sell, trade, swap or dispose of your collectible how you wish. As the owner of the collectible, you have the right to use the token’s intellectual property for your own person or commercial use. Your token’s information and artwork should never be edited, misconstrued, misleading or deliberately harmful to the Kami brand and/or any person(s) or organisations that come into contact with your intellectual property. Owning a Kami collectible/NFT does not give you rights over the organisation, brand, the artwork or funds generated from the sale or resale of any collectibles/NFTs.



“Kami NFT” means any NFT sold under the organisations official accounts on the Ethereum blockchain. 

“NFT” means non-fungible token. 

“Collectible” is the term we use to describe our NFT’s.
“Token or KAMI Token” refers to The KAMI collection NFT’s that act as both a “collectible” and as a stake in the company, Ikeru Studios. (The collection of tokens:

“Kami NFT Artwork” means the unique artwork that represents each individual NFT or collectible. 

 “Us,” “we,” “our,” or “organisation” means the company we are forming and/or its affiliates.
“DAO” or “Decentralised Autonomous Organization” refers to the construct within our company that allows token holders to guide the company.

“Commercial Use” means any ways in which a Kami NFT is used to generate revenue; across blockchain marketplaces or other means. 

“you” or “your” means anyone who acquires or is going to acquire a Kami NFT collectible.







In regards to Kami, its logo, artwork, NFT’s, all intellectual property & trademarks; All rights are reserved to Ikeru Studios.



Whilst you own a Kami NFT collectible and in some cases; after reselling or trading your Kami NFT, you agree to comply with the terms of this agreement.


KAMI tokens are representative of a stake in the company. The full 10,000 tokens equate to a 50% ownership of the company. 1 token is equal to 0.005% equity in the company.


The KAMI tokens in question refer to those minted via and  

Upon the collection being fully minted, a DAO mechanism will be developed into the website, where token holders will be able to vote on key proposals regarding the organisation.

Proposals can be submitted to token holders by key members of the organisation. Those eligible to submit proposals are those who hold 50 or more tokens or token holders that hold tokens containing one of the two key properties; Title: Daikannushi or Mitsue-Shiro.

Proposals can be accepted or denied by token holders. Votes are calculated depending on how many tokens are held in a connected wallet.

If you purchase KAMI tokens from the secondary market, visit, connect your wallet and authenticate your assets, proof of ownership and your stake in the company.

Your tokens will need to be connected via our website for the company to be able to process all, if any, monetary gains accrued by the token holder.  



When you acquire a Kami NFT, you will own a unique, authenticated collectible that will live on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Kami collectible will grant you a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, license to use your collectible as you wish. You can display, reproduce or edit your collectible as you wish. 




When you own a Kami collectible, you have specific rights to the artwork as stated in this agreement. Your collectible in some cases may not be limited to just use of artwork and we can in some cases provide utility to Kami NFT owners using its smart contract. Note: You should only purchase a Kami NFT as the collectible that it is.


Any additional features associated with your Kami NFT are your responsibility when claiming. We advise your seek legal & financial advise before engaging with any additional features associated with your Kami NFT. Including but not limited to; any project associated minting, airdrops, partner or collaborated projects, any advice given by the team or community members regarding other projects, connecting your wallet to any features, websites or apps, IRL (in real life) events, physical items, competitions or prizes. 




You may use your Kami for commercial use if it does not infringe upon any other rules of this agreement. 


You do not have permission to use your Kami NFT to create, recreate or enhance any derivative projects. 


Kami NFT’s can only be used for commercial use when used in their entirety. 


Your rights when owning a Kami NFT.


You may use your Kami NFT in any way as long as it does not affect the terms of this agreement; particularly the terms under commercial use. You are not limited by what you can use your Kami NFT for. You may display, edit or distribute your Kami NFT however you wish. You are not authorised to make any kind of Kami NFT derivatives without written consent from us. 


As a Kami NFT holder we grant you a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sub-licensable, copy, reproduce and display the Kami NFT art that you own for any Commercial Use. 



You may modify or create derivative artworks based on the Kami NFT that you own; except for commercial use. Any modifications or derivative artwork must not infringe upon this agreement and should not include the Kami logo or other copyright intellectual property or trademarks. 


If you wish to use the Kami logo or any associated intellectual property or trademarks, you will need written consent from us before use. 




You may trade your Kami NFT however you wish. You should seek independent legal advice when trading your Kami NFT to ensure you are compliant with your local laws & international laws.

When you trade or resell your Kami NFT, you are still bound by this agreement in some aspects. If you have used your Kami NFT for commercial use or have distributed its artwork in anyway; some parts of this agreement may still apply to you. 


When purchasing or trading a Kami NFT on the secondary market, please ensure you are doing so after seeking legal and independent financial & legal advice before you do so. We are not responsible for how a Kami NFT owner uses their collectible and thorough research is advised before purchasing any Kami NFT on the secondary market. 



You may not use the Kami NFT in any unlawful, defamatory, harassing, abusive, fraudulent, racist, hateful, cruel, illegal or obscene activity, or that. Where necessary, we may take actions to prevent this from becoming an ongoing issue. You are responsible for how you display or distribute your Kami NFT; If your actions result in legal action against us, we will take action against you including any legal fees accrued. 




Under this agreement or by using any intellectual property owned by Ikeru Studios, you agree to indemnify and hold the Ikeru Studios unresponsible from and against any and all claims, costs, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses (including legal fees and costs) incurred by Ikeru Studios arising out of or in connection with:

1.  Your breach of this agreement or local or international laws.

2. Any violation of partners or third parties.

3.  Your access or ability to use your or any Kami NFT.

4.  Any modifications or derivative work you have created; or 

5.  Any fraudulent activity, irresponsible behaviour, knowingly misleading or involved in any unlawful activity.



We reserve the right to change or amend this agreement at any time. When we make changes to this agreement we will display details at the top of this agreement on our website


We reserve the right to terminate this contract in the event of any rules of this agreement being broken. We may take necessary steps outside of this agreement to cease any activity that we deem harmful to the Kami brand, community or wider public.

Termination of this agreement will leave you solely responsible for your activity that has breached this agreement; therefore we will remain not liable for your activity. 




By owning, trading, distributing or claiming a Kami NFT you understand and agree to the rules within this agreement. Your access to a Kami NFT is at your own risk and Ukiyo Studios is not responsible for your actions before, during or after acquiring a Kami NFT. You should seek financial and legal advice where necessary when agreeing to this agreement or having access to a Kami NFT. You will not hold Ikeru Studios, its directors, staff, team members, community, social media followers, discord members, partners, collaborations, third party associates or press releases liable for any access, wrongdoing or legalities associated with Kami NFTs. You acknowledge it your responsibility to do your own research, seek financial and legal advice where necessary. We cannot be held responsible for any theft, malicious activity or links across social media or phishing emails, websites or apps; that lead to the loss of money, cryptocurrency or NFTs. We cannot be held responsible for any wallet connections you make; intentionally or not. 

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