At the start of 2022, two collections of clean anime/manga inspired

Kami were created; Kami Genesis & Kami Genesis vol 2.


In April 2022, the founders of Kami stepped away from Kami and gave the rights to Steve Guinee in hope that he could continue to drive the project and take it to a new level.


Taking the existing line art and all the things the community loved about Kami, Steve Guinee has given new life to Kami with a ‘Reborn’ collection. The Kami ‘Reborn’ is a collection of 10,000 full-colour Kami living on the Ethereum blockchain. Taking traits from both Genesis collections, totally lifting the artwork and merging them into one.


The Kami ‘Reborn’ collection will mint in July 2022. Your ‘Reborn’ Kami is your token to a new story as we explore The Masterplan.




Steve took over Kami with a vision for taking the story & art and putting it on every platform possible, for everyone to appreciate.


Born in Cardiff, Wales, the father of three has experience of managing projects before entering web3. An all-round creative & chef, Steve also has his own business writing, illustrating and self-publishing his own children’s books.




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Matt is the owner and main designer behind Cardiff based design studio, Elevate. Matt has been designing for over a decade and his experience and knowledge includes branding, web, SEO, social media management and print.


Steve and Matt have known one another for over 12 years, having worked together on many projects before now. In fact, it is through Matt that Steve met his wife Roxy.




Known as Fletch on discord and in real life, a proud father of two young boys, lover of anime and in his work life he is in the Key Account Management for a brewery. Fletch plays a big role in several discord servers and has been a Kami holder since the beginning. He is really determined to help turn Kami into a huge success and believes we could make Kami rival some of the bigger names in the NFT space. 




Taki is original storyteller for Kami. He has been writing for seven years already, with almost half of those years being involved in several private writing projects.


Taki is here to shape the story of Kami along with the community. He has hid secrets upon vague situations and surrounding mysteries in the lore, so once it's all laid out, it's up for you to seek it out

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